Paris Bathroom Decor with Used Bottle Perfume

May 15th
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Paris bathroom decor – is one you will like; especially if you are one believe in fashion and style. We know Paris has been and will always be one of the centres for fashion industries. Following that images, anything about Paris are not so Parisian if they are not including style and fashion, even in bathrooms. Bathroom in Parisian style is not a bathroom until it contains of more than just bathtub, vanity, sink and closet plus some good colours and artistic curtains.

High-end Paris Bathroom Decor

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Anything about Paris seems like high-end. If you are one Paris look lover, you must be one that does not take it in mind many considerations about budget and price. However, it will be wonderful to decor your bathroom like a million dollar Parisian style, while actually you afford almost nothing to it.

None-budget Paris Decorating

All those high-end perfumes and fragrance are packaged in beautiful bottles that are too good to stored away. If you ever wonder where should put those perfume bottle collections, it is good to consider to put them at your bathrooms.  Have a plenty of collections that serve also as decorations item. No budget was spent but looking chic anyway. Good to try.

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